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Agile Global Health’s SMS services are a 24/7 patient helpline

Jun 20, 2017 / Agile Global Health

Agile Global Health is dedicated to comprehensively managing your healthcare experience with speed, accuracy, and personalization. We’ve already introduced you to the mobile SMS program we use to keep in constant touch with our clients traveling to India for treatment, continually measuring and assuring their satisfaction. Today, we’ll explain how our SMS surveys go beyond providing internal feedback to function as a patient helpline.

In addition to the six sequenced questions that internationally-traveling patients are sent during their stay in India, we send a welcome message immediately upon arrival: “Agile Global Health welcomes you to India. Thank you for choosing our services for your medical needs. We wish you a safe & pleasant stay in India. For any assistance, please contact your Operations Officers.”

“It’s a personal gesture, but also an invitation for the patient to communicate proactively with us for any reason at any time,” explains Dominique Yonzon, Assistant Manager of Agile’s Treatment Management Center (TMC) in Bangalore, India.

Some patients are so positive they express gratitude for the welcome message – for instance, “Thanks. Already in India and so far, no complaints. We are okay,” which we received from a Kenyan patient whose travel and care we managed at BLK Super Specialty Hospital. Some patients also go beyond supplying a numerical response to the survey questions, like a Kenyan patient for whom Agile coordinated treatment at Artemis Hospital, who shared “I am happy about the reception received all the way from airport up to hospital. Keep up the spirit.”

And when our patients have negative feedback, our SMS services become their helpline. Take an Iraqi patient being treated in Delhi, who responded to our survey question about accommodations with a 4 (“very dissatisfied”). We immediately reached out to him and listened to his complaints. “When we learned that he had issues with food variety and cleanliness, his Agile Operations Officer arranged an urgent meeting directly with the owner of the hotel, making certain the patient was specifically served non-vegetarian meals, per his cultural preference, and that the kitchen staff wore gloves while preparing food.” The outcome? “Because our patient was happy, he did not change hotels, which also pleased the owner as our partner!”

This story illustrates our SMS service as a multifaceted helpline, covering our patients’ logistical, medical, financial, and perhaps most complicated of all, cultural concerns. “Our staff go above and beyond to handle complaints that may not be about health crises, or crucial legal or financial problems, but which are difficult for them because they challenge cultural norms and expectations,” says Saraladevi Gangadhara, Agile’s Bangalore TMC Director. “We strive to put our patients at ease – whatever that means for them.”

Providing expertly nuanced services that honor cultural differences is complex, but at Agile Global Health, it’s our specialty. Our SMS communications – currently available in English, Kurdish, and Arabic – will continue to expand as we enter new markets, serving an increasingly global representation of patients from all over the world.

Photo by Susanna Marsiglia on Unsplash 

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“A&K Global Health is a good company. In India, they facilitated the medical treatment of my four-year-old boy who was treated very well and is doing very well. They really took care of us and were very concerned since our arrival, during our stay and departure. I am happy with them.

- Reagan Kiptoo

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