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Agile Global Health hip replacement gives 30-yr-old back his youth

Oct 4, 2018 / Agile Global Health

We often think of osteoarthritis as an affliction of the elderly. For 30-year-old mechanical technician Mackenzie Okinyi Owiti of Nairobi, Kenya, it’s been a painful reality his whole life.

“[My condition] started back when I was young, but it wasn’t managed well, so at around age 19 it became a problem. During college I started having pain,” Mackenzie remembers. “It was realized I had osteoarthritis.” Five years later, his pain became serious. And then he had an accident – a fall in December 2015 that produced a fracture. Unable to work, Mackenzie knew it was time to seek further help.

Through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), Mackenzie got in touch with Agile Global Health. And with NHIF sponsorship, Agile Global Health facilitated Mackenzie’s travel to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, where we referred his case into the capable care of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Sunil G. Kini.

“After his accident, Mackenzie found it difficult to [walk] even a few steps without pain. That’s when he decided to come to our hospital,” Dr. Sunil reported. “I did a few x-rays which indeed showed he had a fused hip…he did not have any movement at the hip. We decided to go ahead with a hip replacement surgery.”

Mackenzie is completely satisfied with his treatment, and optimistic about how this surgery impacts his life. “I believe I got the best doctor. Dr. Sunil really is hands-on, giving you the best of care, the information that you need…from the [day after] surgery, I got [out of] bed with a walker, started [bending] my legs…but now I [can really] move! I do believe Dr. Sunil gave me a good joint and a pain-free future.”

Mackenzie’s recovery was hard-earned by his doctors. “There were quite a few challenges from a surgical point of view,” Dr. Sunil recalls. “The first was…to create a new [hip] socket from [nothing]. And the second challenge was to get the [femoral] head back into the socket, because it had migrated.” Despite these, Mackenzie progressed quickly. “Immediately, the day after surgery, he started to stand and move with the help of a walker. About two weeks down the line, he’s much [more mobile] and absolutely pain-free,” Dr. Sunil announces proudly.

“Agile Global Health is a healthcare management company that assists patients,” Mackenzie describes, “toward the hospitality arrangements, toward travel to the treatment destination and the care…it’s a link for the patient to the hospital. In my case I got into the country, a new person – it’s very easy to get lost. Agile received me the best way, showed me into the best of accommodations, close to the hospital, that I can reach at any given time. I really appreciate them.”

You can hear Mackenzie’s whole story in this short video:


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