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Agile attends inaugural of new Sri Ramakrishna diagnostics block

Mar 1, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Agile Global Health is privileged to work with a carefully chosen network of hospitals, each of which brings only the best in care quality and value to our patients. Last month, we celebrated a new offering unveiled by our partner Sri Ramakrishna in Coimbatore City: its new diagnostic facility, featuring the most technologically advanced diagnostic equipment in South India.

On February 10, 2018, Agile’s Head of Service Delivery for India Amrita Ramesh attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Sri Ramakrishna, which in collaboration with medical equipment manufacturer GE presented to the public a new block dedicated to cutting-edge diagnostics.

The facility was inaugurated by India’s Union Minister of State for Healthcare and Family Welfare and attended by a number of high-profile international guests, including the ambassadors to India from Sudan and Rwanda, Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commissioner, and Burma’s President of Industry and Commerce.

“The inauguration of this new superspecialty facility has made its mark, taking Sri Ramakrishna’s capabilities to an advanced level,” said Ms. Ramesh. “It is equipped with the latest medical technologies from GE Healthcare, including state-of-the-art equipment that is the first of its kind in South Asia. The 10-story facility includes a silent MRI scan machine that offers superior patient comfort, and a revolution CT scan machine that delivers uncompromising image quality and clinical capabilities through the convergence of coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and spectral imaging – all in one. In opening this block, Sri Ramakrishna is reinforcing its commitment to bring technology-driven, patient-focused solutions that advance its mission of delivering the best possible patient care at affordable costs.”

In addition to the collaborative unveiling of new diagnostics technology, GE has announced plans to set up a center of excellence in Coimbatore in partnership with Sri Ramakrishna’s funding organization, SNR Sons Charitable Trust. This provides further evidence of the U.S.-based equipment giant’s interests in the long-term development of South India’s healthcare capabilities.

Ms. Ramesh noted this promising future as well. “My visit to Coimbatore was insightful,” she described. “I was quite impressed with how well Sri Ramakrishna has set quality standards in the field of healthcare, from patient service to treatment plans. This not only makes the hospital a competent center, but a surprisingly affordable one as well. Sri Ramakrishna offers a reasonably priced option without compromising the quality of service.”

Said Aleksandra Golota, Agile’s Senior Relations manager, “We at Agile Global Health are proud of the excellent hospitals that make up our select network and of the strong relationships we cultivate with them. It is always our pleasure to celebrate and promote advances to our partners’ facilities, equipment, and professional staff. Our warm congratulations to Sri Ramakrishna on this exciting occasion.”

Peruse the profiles of Agile Global Health’s hospital partners on our website, and follow our blog for all the latest news and updates on our network and treatment offerings!

In the photograph above: Sri Ramakrishna Hospital leaders celebrate the opening of the hospital’s new diagnostics facility on February 10, 2018 in Coimbatore City, India; the new 10-story block boasts the most advanced technology in South India.

In the photograph below: Agile Global Health’s Amrita Ramesh (left), Head of Service Delivery for India, attended the inaugural ceremonies to celebrate this achievement with the leaderships of our partner hospital Sri Ramakrishna.

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