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A&K Global Health patient walks “pain-free” again: Margaret’s Story

Mar 1, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Mrs. Margaret Kanyua Nathaniel of Nairobi, Kenya had suffered for 10-15 years from arthritis in both knees. Over the past three years, however, her condition became particularly aggravated: everyday movement like climbing stairs turned excruciatingly painful. “That’s how I decided to seek foreign treatment. And when I sought for foreign treatment at the NHIF [National Hospital Insurance Fund], they directed me to A&K Global Health,” Margaret remembers.

A&K Global Health shared Margaret’s medical history and records with orthopedic specialists at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India. “Dr. Sunil Kini replied with the medical opinion that I required a total bilateral knee replacement,” Margaret recounts. Because this surgery was not available to her in Kenya, the NHIF sponsored her to travel for the procedure. A&K Global Health arranged all logistics for her trip and our Bangalore team received Margaret when she arrived at the airport, immediately accompanying her to the hospital’s international office for admission.

After suffering from her condition for so many years, Margaret was amazed by how quickly and seamlessly her treatment journey unfolded. Thanks to A&K Global Health’s coordination with Manipal Hospital, she shares: “I was admitted the first day of arrival, I saw the doctor on the same day, the doctor prescribed tests to be done. The following day the tests were done,” with Margaret’s results confirming Dr. Kini’s original recommendation of a bilateral knee replacement. Her surgery was scheduled and completed successfully. “This is my seventeenth day after the surgery,” Margaret smiles widely, “and I feel quite better than the day I came. I can now even walk, pain-free. Yes!”

Her doctor confirms the success of Margaret’s case. “The surgery went smoothly; we did a bilateral total knee replacement…post-procedure, the patient started walking immediately after surgery with the help of a walker, and here she is about 10 days post-surgery, independently walking without much help and no pain at all.”

Dr. Kini also acknowledges the complexity of joint replacement procedures, and the importance of excellent care management. “Treatment of these patients requires an integrated approach…multiple orthopedic surgeons, very good rehab, pain specialists, as well as good physical therapy personnel,” he explains. With demand for joint replacement increasing throughout East Africa, A&K Global Health’s strong relationship with Dr. Kini and his colleagues at Manipal is enabling timely intervention for more patients like Margaret who cannot receive these surgeries in their home countries. Already this year, Dr. Kini has made one trip to Kenya to serve as the consultant orthopedic surgeon at a medical camp coordinated by A&K Global Health. And with the successful outcome of cases like Margaret’s, A&K Global Health is planning several more camps that will bring Manipal specialists to East Africa to consult on their life-changing services in the coming months.

You can hear Margaret and Dr. Kini tell her story – and see Margaret walking confidently! – in this short video:

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