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Outstanding Cancer Treatment: Clement Rwigamba’s Story

Jan 25, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Clement Rwigamba from Rwanda never expected his visit to Canada to turn into a medical emergency. When Clement arrived, he started feeling pain in his left leg and decided to visit the doctor. After some testing, the doctors in Canada realized it was cancer. Clement had multiple myeloma, a cancer that happens when plasma cells, found in bone marrow, grow out of control and form tumors in the body.

Clement was happy with his treatment in Canada, but the cost was very, very high.

When he returned to Rwanda, he knew that many people in his home country often sought treatment for cancer in India. A friend told him about A&K Global Health and connected Clement with our office in Kigali, Rwanda.

A&K Global Health was able to connect Clement with a doctor in India at Artemis Health Institute Hospital, arrange his travel plans, and get him in touch with our Operations Officer in New Delhi, India, who met him upon his arrival. Though Clement did not know anyone when he arrived, he found that A&K Global Health staff were happy to help him – every step of the way.

Meeting his doctor and an oncologist, Clement was able to check into the hospital, receive medication, and schedule a hip replacement.

When asked about his experience with A&K Global Health, Clement said, “They are people who care very much for sick people. This company is doing a lot of work, and they are good people. All over the world, they help many people as they helped me.”

You can listen to the rest of Clement’s story, in his own words, in this short video:


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“The medical team at Columbia Asia was quite professional and dedicated. The consultants were very knowledgeable, professional and efficient. A&K Global Health made our stay in Bangalore easy, enjoyable, and satisfying. They are really professional. I loved the cleanliness at Columbia Asia Hospital.

- John Mwangi

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