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After 34 years, from pain to peace with A&K Global Health

Dec 22, 2016 / A&K Global Health

As 2016 comes to a close, we at A&K Global Health are grateful to be able to look back at the patients whose lives our work touched this year. One of those patients recently paid a visit to our Nairobi office to express just how much our care helped change her life.

Since 1982, Sophia Momanyi had suffered extreme pain from a chronic wound, unable to even sleep. “I had been sick for over 30 years and on treatment in Kenya until I was connected to A&K through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) in 2013,” Sophia said. With NHIF sponsorship, A&K Global Health arranged for Sophia to travel from Nairobi, Kenya to Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai, India for further treatment for her condition.

“After my treatment in 2013, A&K Global Health’s Nairobi staff visited me at my house – it was a very special experience,” Sophia said, recalling how much our continuing care meant to her upon her return home. So in May 2016, when she fell sick again and needed to return to India, she knew she could rely on her A&K Global Health family for support.

“I’m very grateful to A&K Global Health for journeying with me throughout my treatment process, from my first trip back to home, and then to India again,” Sophia said. “Each time I visited India, the A&K Global Health team there received me at the airport, helped us with the immigration and clearance process, and facilitated transport and communication for my attendant and me. They visited me in hospital and checked on me during my treatment process.”

Most importantly, we stayed with Sophia to comprehensively manage the course of her care over time, ensuring that she found a complete solution to her illness. Through A&K Global Health, Sophia found a path to healing that had eluded her for 34 years: she is now full of life and sleeping through the night.

“Sophia’s testimony reminds all of us at A&K Global Health that we play a critical role in delivering healthcare to those in need…our work is important,” said Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO.

We’re privileged every day to help people like Sophia find the peace that a healthy life brings. Do you or a loved one suffer from an unresolved condition or untreated illness? There is hope. Reach out to us today for support.

In the photograph above: Our healthy former patient, Sophia Momanyi, recently stopped by A&K Global Health’s Nairobi offices to personally share her gratitude with our leadership. From left to right are Stephen Masinde, A&K Global Health Kenya National Director; Ms. Momanyi; and Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health CEO.

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“Prashant, the representative of A&K Global Health, was very helpful to me, available at any time and wanted to support me throughout. I was worried about the food but actually was very happy. Thus I will market the hospital and A&K Global Health to bring patients from Rwanda starting with my friends and family.

- Peter Murejuru

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