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2017 in Review: With Double the Patients, Agile Global Health is “Agile” in Name and Activity

Jan 23, 2018 / Agile Global Health

North Carolina, USA – January 23, 2018: Durham-based healthcare manager startup-cum-industry driver Agile Global Health has announced 2017 as its biggest growth year on record, with patient volumes double those in 2016, forays into new markets and local treatment initiatives, and a new procurement model that commoditizes quality healthcare to the benefit of patients as well as providers.

“For most of our six-year history, Agile Global Health has focused on understanding and then meeting the healthcare management needs of our clients, which range from individuals to insurers and government institutions across the East African and Middle East regions,” said Morgan Darwin, Chief Executive Officer. “The 100% growth in our patient volumes demonstrated our credibility in the market, and gave us a taste of the exponential demand and growth pace that are ahead. 2017 became a year focused on building out scalable systems, processes, and supporting technology to better meet the healthcare management needs of an even broader client base in the years to come.”

In reviewing 2017, three key achievements stood out in the minds of Agile’s leaders. First was the expansion of patient volumes as well as treatment destinations: “We doubled the number of patients we served in 2016, with 53% receiving care in India, and the remainder receiving care in locations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America,” said Guy Zahn, Chief Operations Officer.

Second, October 2017 marked the one-year anniversary of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) of Kenya’s cardiac surgery program, which Agile Global Health manages and implements. Five hundred and five cardiac procedures were performed under the project in 2017, bringing the initiative’s total procedures to 554. Nearly all these beneficiaries had been on hospital waiting lists before the program began, likely destined to perish before they could receive surgery.

“There are over 500 Kenyan citizens alive today and able to support their families, or grow up to become productive members of society, because of the quality care delivered by Kenyan hospitals, Agile’s meticulous local care management, and the generous funding of the NHIF,” said Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, Chief Medical Officer. “Finding a solution with the government of Kenya to save these patients is an incredible humanitarian story, and coordinating their medical treatment through local healthcare providers has increased the clinical capacity of Kenya’s cardiac surgeons and cardiologists considerably…It is just the kind of story we would like to see replicated for other health conditions and in other countries in the years to come.”

The combination of Agile’s growth in both global and local healthcare management engendered its third major shift in 2017, to a new procurement model which provides better value for clients and a more structured and secure funding channel for hospitals. “Agile is shifting to procuring healthcare from our treatment facilities at high volume and optimized prices,” explained Benny Daniel, Agile’s India licensee. “While hospitals benefit from elevated patient volumes, more reliable revenue, and improved margins compared with other sales acquisition channels, patients and sponsors benefit from optimal cost and effective transitions.”

The new approach has already gained traction, with the first 15 clients enrolled under this model before the end of 2017. It’s also sparked interest among insurers and business developers across Agile’s geographical footprint: “Our leaders in the UAE and India are receiving calls from individuals as well as insurance companies. With this ability to offer value to patients and funders alike, we’ve seen a surge of interest in joining the Agile team,” said Mr. Zahn. “It’s not unrealistic to say we’ll soon have licensees in over 20 countries.”

And with expanded markets come new and even larger numbers of patients to serve. “The conservative estimate for 2018 sits somewhere around a 100-200% increase over 2017,” said Mr. Darwin, “with similar growth in 2019.”

“Every year has been a banner year for us, and this kind of growth is necessarily accompanied by challenges. But no matter what adversity we’ve faced, we’ve continued to fight for our values: transparent, ethical support and value to our clients across the healthcare ecosystem. These values remain the foundation for everything Agile Global Health does, and for the growth we welcome in 2018.”

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