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2016 in Review: New Partnerships, Pioneering Projects Mark Game-Changing Year for A&K Global Health

Jan 27, 2017 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – January 27, 2017: A&K Global Health is proud to record 2016 as its most dramatic year of growth and progress to date.

The company entered last year strong, on the heels of one that solidified its vision and backed it up with solid growth, but rapidly surpassed 2015’s achievements in quantity as well as scope.

“2016 has truly been a landmark year for global healthcare management, and I’m proud to share that A&K Global Health has been both the thought leader and the implementer driving much of last year’s progress forward in the field,” said Chief Executive Officer Morgan Darwin.

Three major categories characterize the organization’s 2016 accomplishments. “First, there’s the growth of our geographic footprint and our human impact,” said Aleksandra Golota, Senior Relations Manager. “This year alone, we assisted over 600 patients in major medical events, like travel abroad or local surgery. We managed healthcare delivery in India, Turkey, Kenya, Germany, the United States, Thailand, and Mexico. And we expanded into the regional market of the Arabian Gulf by adding a licensee in the United Arab Emirates.”

Second, Ms. Golota points to A&K Global Health’s enhancements to, and recognition received for, its quality standards. In April, the company’s rigorous internal quality criteria earned it distinction as the first U.S.-based medical facilitator certified for quality by the venerated international medical accreditor Temos. “We also reinforced the quality of our care management by updating our hospital portfolio to include some new facilities with advanced accreditation and cutting-edge capabilities,” Ms. Golota noted. For the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) of Kenya, one of A&K Global Health’s largest institutional clients, the company facilitated a delegation’s visit to its Indian hospital network. “The NHIF’s trip to India is an example of how we help government agencies meet their health mandates, ensuring they are continually satisfied with our partner facilities and the care our providers are delivering to their patients,” Ms. Golota explained.

Third, A&K Global Health in 2016 determinedly pursued the creation of opportunities for increasingly local treatment management. Its signature achievement in this area launched in October: a pioneering new program, in partnership with Kenya’s NHIF, to conduct cardiac surgeries domestically, strengthening national healthcare capacity and saving hundreds of lives across a country that had previously outsourced many such procedures. “The cardiac surgery project is a particularly exciting development in this area of identifying and fostering local care resources,” Mr. Darwin said, “but its overall impact is identical to what our ongoing medical camps, continuing medical education, and healthcare advocacy events do every day – help governments optimize healthcare availability and distribution within their national borders.” Worldwide, A&K Global Health supported more than 1,000 patients and over 100 physicians and caregivers through such outreach and training events in 2016.

Mr. Darwin summed up his reflections on 2016 this way. “A&K Global Health’s success is measured by the success of those organizations we work for…we excel by using our expert management to make our institutional clients effective. And looking at the tremendous strides we have enabled organizations like the NHIF and others to achieve in 2016, we can definitively declare this our best year yet.”

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health’s Kenya staff celebrated the close of this tremendous year with a team building event at Amare Tiwi Resort on Kenya’s south coast. As we continue braving the uncharted waters of global healthcare management in 2017, you can see that our team is not afraid to explore the depths and make a splash!

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