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2015 in Review: A&K Global Health Celebrates Groundbreaking Year in Healthcare Management

Feb 18, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – February 18, 2016: In 2015, only its fourth year of international operations, A&K Global Health marked numerous milestones.

The company, founded in 2012 to connect individuals everywhere with quality, affordable medical care in their home countries or abroad, experienced early success forging relationships with health ministries, insurers and individuals in East Africa and the Middle East – all seeking access to care unavailable within their borders. A&K Global Health next established a network of hospital partners in India, Turkey and beyond to service their burgeoning clientele base. But in the intervening years, A&K Global Health has expanded its offerings from compassionate, patient-centered medical travel to encompass the full range of healthcare management activities, including helping national governments to meet their internal capability objectives.

“Our vision is to serve not only individuals, but also institutional clients, providing transparency and control on their behalf to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of the patient journey to seek healing…whether that journey is local, regional or international. This means we manage all macro-level processes while customizing the experience of each patient,” explains Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In realizing this vision, we meaningfully engage all stakeholders of the health ecosystem: institutional clients, patients, healthcare providers, and local and national healthcare systems. Our goal is to create value for each of these participants – and what we’re increasingly seeing is that, as we do this, these actors both collectively and independently want A&K Global Health involved in their efforts.”

That multidimensional demand for A&K Global Health’s partnership is reflected in the company’s growth. Since 2012, they have facilitated life-saving, life-enhancing treatment for more than 1,390 patients worldwide, with 553 – more than a third – of those cases being serviced in 2015 alone. The quality and sophistication of their hospital network as well as their ability to manage complex diseases and conditions is readily evident, too: to date, A&K Global Health has coordinated and managed 231 bone marrow transplants, 103 kidney transplants, 14 liver transplants, 184 oncological procedures, 75 cardiology procedures, and 102 neurosurgeries, in addition to hundreds of other procedures for the full spectrum of medical conditions.

A&K Global Health’s worldwide presence also continues to expand, with the organization today having served patients from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Says Mr. Darwin, “Our ability to create successful ground operations in key markets sets us apart [from web-based medical tourism companies] as a healthcare management company, and is the foundation for the success we are achieving.”

Indeed, great things are already underway for the company in 2016. A&K Global Health is actively managing more than 100 currently in-care patients and their families, while working with many more who are preparing to receive care in the coming weeks. New and robust partnerships with national health institutions are coming to fruition, the result of months and years of advocacy by A&K Global Health to ensure that government bodies charged with funding healthcare for their citizens are able to successfully support quality care, and that their beneficiaries are able to access and procure it. A&K Global Health’s ongoing collaboration with healthcare professionals in the countries where it works is incentivizing clinical excellence at the local level through self-sustaining economic models. And Mr. Darwin is taking A&K Global Health’s thought leadership on the road, sharing his company’s vision for global healthcare management through two international forums in March and May.

Keep up with A&K Global Health throughout the exciting year ahead by following the A&K Global Health Blog, where the company shares all its latest patient stories, partner news, major milestones and activities from around the globe.

In the photograph above: Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health’s Chief Executive Officer, along with the team in Bangalore, India.

A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health is a worldwide leader in realizing transparent, affordable, effective and innovative solutions to complex health challenges. We connect you with the right care for your needs, from coordinating international medical travel to facilitating quality local and regional treatment. We also optimize the impact of health institutions by introducing transparency, control and customization to the medical, financial and experiential aspects of your journey. A&K Global Health is dedicated to empowering you to reach your highest health.  Contact us today to learn how we can support you.


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