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Kenyan patient’s A&K Global Health experience makes Indian press

Dec 28, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Fifty-two-year-old Margaret Wanjiru of Nairobi, Kenya didn’t travel to India to become a media sensation: she went for the chance of walking freely again, after more than four failed surgeries on a hip that had been dislocated since her birth. But the stellar results of the complex hip replacement she received made headlines anyway!

Margaret’s hip replacement was facilitated by A&K Global Health and took place two years ago at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India. Given the overwhelming success of her first experience with us, Margaret recently engaged A&K Global Health a second time, returning to BGS Global for additional medical consultations in other specialty areas. It was during this autumn 2016 trip that her powerful testimony caught the attention of regional media at a press conference hosted by the hospital.

Margaret’s story was quickly picked up by the South Indian daily newspaper The Deccan Chronicle, which published an article about her experience the very next day. BGS Global made their own press release about her story, and posted about it on their Facebook page. “[Margaret] is now back on her feet. This is a testament to her sheer willpower, and our small contribution in giving her the joy of movement,” the hospital said in a statement.

“Our patients’ life-changing experiences are increasingly garnering press attention,” said Saraladevi Gangadhara, Director of A&K Global Health’s Treatment Management Center in Bangalore. “This kind of publicity points not only to the high quality of the medical procedures our patients receive, but also to the importance of A&K Global Health’s comprehensive management of our patients’ entire treatment processes. It’s because we are with them all the way, sometimes over many months or years and multiple interventions, that our patients achieve lasting positive results.”

We’re always honored to share our former patients’ stories about how they are thriving in their new, post-treatment lives: it’s an extra thrill to see press outlets where we work increasingly drawn to do the same. Stay with us on our blog to find out how A&K Global Health will make news next!

In the photograph above: Following her successful hip replacement surgery, A&K Global Health patient Margaret Wanjiru of Kenya and her surgeon, Dr. Basavaraj C. M. of BGS Global Hospital, addressed a press conference in Bengaluru, India. (Photo credit: Deccan Chronicle)

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“We (my daughter and I) are very happy and appreciative of the A&K Global Health team here in India and all their support provided to us. Thank you very much. Much appreciation also goes to Max Hospital staff and Gratien who connected us to you.

- Ms. Mugwiza

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