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A&K Global Health headlines as presenter and awardee at international healthcare conference

Dec 7, 2016 / A&K Global Health

North Carolina, USA – December 7, 2016: From November 13th-15th, healthcare experts and advocates from around the world gathered in Berlin, Germany for the 7th Annual Temos Conference. A&K Global Health had the honor of delivering a presentation as well as receiving a certificate at this important international gathering.

Temos, which stands for trust, effective medicine, and optimized services, is a global certification agency that evaluates and certifies hospitals catering to medical travelers. Temos also offers a rigorous quality assessment and endorsement program for medical travel facilitators; in April 2016, A&K Global Health became the first U.S.-based company to earn this coveted certification.

The topic of this year’s three-day meeting was Healthcare Abroad and Medical Tourism. Morgan Darwin, A&K Global Health’s CEO, addressed a session entitled “What makes a great facilitator?”

“Our role at this conference marks two key successes for A&K Global Health,” said Mr. Darwin. “First, recognition by this forum demonstrates the global profile our high quality, cross-border medical travel management has achieved. And second, the invitation to speak about our experience optimizing healthcare resources within national borders shows the widespread interest in and growing demand for our unique approach to comprehensive healthcare management – the differentiator that makes A&K Global Health an unmatched value to patients, governments, medical funding organizations, and care providers alike.”

A&K Global Health’s presentation, delivered by Mr. Darwin and Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, Chief Medical Officer, introduced conference attendees to our collaborative Cardiac Care Indicator Project (CCIP) with Kenya’s National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), highlighting the initiative as a case study for how oversight and measurement of clinical performance can positively impact national and international care management. “We addressed the role of generic clinical indicators within a specific effort,” said Dr. Hilgenfeld, “and then challenged the community to consider the critical role of metrics in healthcare more broadly – as it may apply to their particular business segments within the field of global health.”

In addition to presenting, A&K Global Health received a “Preferred Medical Travel Facilitator” certificate from the global think tank The Diplomatic Council. As its website explains, “The Diplomatic Council (DC) medical program is designed for patients striving for more security and quality and for hospitals seeking more international patients. ‘DC Preferred Partner [Hospital/Facilitator]’ is the highest qualification standard and is only awarded based on experts’ evaluation.”

The certificate was presented by Dr. Bettina Horster, Chairwoman of the DC’s Global Healthcare Forum, which manages the think tank’s medical sector activities. “Receiving this certificate was a special privilege for A&K Global Health because of the DC’s history of respected work in diplomatic circles, including medical travel,” said Dr. Hilgenfeld. “Further, the DC, Temos, and A&K Global Health share a common appreciation: that the future of international healthcare will be driven by mutually beneficial exchange between national health systems,” said Dr. Hilgenfeld, “and by connections that build capacity, strengthen good processes, and improve outcomes for all stakeholders.”

For more on how A&K Global Health is realizing these goals through the CCIP in Kenya and similar projects in 14 countries worldwide, follow the company on the A&K Global Health blog and on social media.

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health CEO Morgan Darwin (center) and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld (right) receive the Diplomatic Council (DC) distinction of “Preferred Medical Travel Facilitator” from Dr. Bettina Horster (left), Chairwoman of the DC’s Global Healthcare Forum, at the 7th Annual Temos Conference in Berlin, Germany.

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