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Kenya medical camps connect, inform & empower patients

Nov 30, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Think medical camps with foreign doctors are only about medical travel? Think again.

A&K Global Health’s medical camps optimize two things: healthcare access and affordability. We bring the clinical knowledge of international specialists to our patients in their own home countries, and through personal consultations, our patients receive expert guidance on the most appropriate place for them to pursue treatment – whether that’s locally, nationally, or globally.

Our September medical camps in Kenya with Fortis Hospitals of India are perfect examples of our healthcare management in action. From September 16-17, Indian specialists from Fortis offered professional medical advice to the public during a medical camp at Pandya Memorial Hospital in Mombasa County. The 132 patients seen included 33 cardiac, 21 nephrology, and 78 orthopedic cases. “The patients appreciated A&K Global Health for facilitating the free medical camp, giving them an opportunity for personal consultations and second opinions,” said Bernard Ademba, Mombasa Operations Officer. “Through this camp, we also shared with patients the partnership between A&K Global Health and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), especially the kidney transplant benefits, which are available to all NHIF members.”

From Mombasa, the Fortis doctors traveled to meet A&K Global Health’s team in Eldoret, where from September 19-20 we jointly conducted another medical camp at Reale Hospital. “The teamwork between A&K Global Health and Reale Hospital staff allowed this camp to be well coordinated and successful,” said Cornelius Rop, Eldoret Operations Officer. Another large crowd turned out, with 36 cardiac, 26 nephrology, and 71 orthopedic consultations totaling 133 patients seen. A highlight for AKGH was being able to advise economically disadvantaged Kenyans who need expensive surgeries that they can now enroll as NHIF members for health insurance, an opportunity formerly available only to civil servants. Another highlight was seeing patients like Samuel Cherutich, who previously traveled with A&K Global Health for treatment in India, return to receive continuing care and monitoring of his health condition. “Our follow-up ensured that Samuel’s case was appropriate reviewed,” said Mr. Rop.

Empowering individuals with professional, personalized medical counsel, connecting new patients with advanced specialty care, checking in with former patients to assure their sustained progress – A&K Global Health’s medical camps do it all! Follow us on social media to learn when we’re bringing a medical camp to your neighborhood, and visit our blog for regular updates on our health management successes around the world.

In the photograph above: A clinician from India’s Fortis Hospitals takes a patient’s blood pressure at the A&K Global Health-facilitated medical camp hosted by Pandya Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

In the photograph below: A&K Global Health staff pose with the Fortis team during the Eldoret medical camp, hosted by Reale Hospital. From left to right are Reuben Kangogo, A&K Global Health Kenya Operations Director; Dr. Manoj Kumar, Fortis Orthospine Surgeon; Dr. Satish Javait, Fortis Cardiac Surgeon; Dr. Vishal Saxena, Fortis Nephrologist; Cornelius Rop, A&K Global Health Operations Officer; and Linner Soy, A&K Global Health Care Consultant.

Eldoret Medical Camp

A&K Global Health

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