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A&K Global Health leverages technology as health management tool

Oct 26, 2016 / A&K Global Health

From our founding forward, technology has played a major role in how A&K Global Health manages the complex clinical, financial, logistical, experiential and other aspects of our patients’ medical journeys. But as our work expanded beyond the established industry of medical travel and concierge services into the uncharted territory of comprehensive healthcare management, we realized this new, unique field we were pioneering would require tailored technology to support our management process.

A&K Global Health originally conceived and developed the Patient Advocate Support System (PASS), a cloud-based mobile application, to support the specific data collection and distribution requirements associated with our work moving patients and managing their care. At the beginning of 2016, however, we made the exciting transition to the Orsalus Exchange (OEX), a new platform focused on all-inclusive and dynamic activity management instead of strictly static patient management.

“Orsalus developed its software to help institutions better manage complex human activities across widely distributed systems and involving multiple participants and stakeholders,” said Jeanine Ayers, Orsalus Chief Technology Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer. “With the OEX platform, A&K Global Health can capture metrics, assess outcomes, and apply this data to help governments and other health policy organizations advance clinical quality and optimize care distribution locally, regionally and internationally.”

OEX provides a centralized, secure database in the cloud that is accessible to A&K Global Health employees and licensees from anywhere in the world via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The platform provides permission-based storage of our patients’ complete electronic medical records, as well as extensive information about our hospital partners and their treatment capabilities. It allows live updates on patient clinical or logistical status and tracks the feedback our patients provide us via the Short Message Service (SMS) surveys we use to ensure their satisfaction throughout the phases of their medical journey. The system also features advanced financial management and invoicing capabilities. “With all these data stored in the single OEX platform, A&K Global Health can generate reports on patient diagnoses, emerging health indicators, movement, costs, and outcomes,” said Aleksandra Golota, A&K Global Health Senior Relations Manager. “The information captured from the 7,800 clinical activities we’ve managed through this system to date provides invaluable analysis to the health policymakers, funding organizations, and clinical communities that together make up regional and national health systems.”

Take, for instance, the Cardiac Care Indicator Project we are currently leading with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Kenya. This program is beginning to treat locally – rather than sending abroad – cardiac disease cases that can safely be performed by Kenyan cardiothoracic surgeons. “Our focus is on collecting pre-surgery qualifiers of patient health and disease stage, and then monitoring outcomes through the entire treatment process,” said Dr. Rainer Hilgenfeld, A&K Global Health Chief Medical Officer. “The OEX platform allows us to track these indicators over time, across a large population and distributed geographies, to analyze them, and ultimately generate a body of historical data against which we can make assessments of the health system’s development. We are then able to accurately inform the NHIF of the risk associated with local treatment, to improve the triage process for local or international treatment decisions, and to assist local providers in improving their services.” By increasing the capacity for cardiac surgeries and other advanced procedures to be conducted within Kenya, A&K Global Health’s use of OEX makes better and more affordable care available to Kenyans, and contributes to establishing Kenya as a regional medical treatment hub.

The cardiac program in Kenya is just one example of how A&K Global Health’s use of technology is helping governments and health funding institutions better manage patients within national borders and when international treatment is required. We’re also working in partnership with existing healthcare systems in 13 other countries to build sustainable economic models that incentivize excellence in care delivery. For all the latest on all our patients, partners, and projects, follow us on the A&K Global Health blog!

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