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Patient home visits showcase A&K Global Health’s care continuity

Aug 17, 2016 / A&K Global Health

At A&K Global Health, we support you through every step of your medical journey – including after your treatment. Jack Owuor and Lencer Misiani, Care Consultants in Kisumu, Kenya, recently visited two of our patients at home to follow up with them.

First, we visited 3½ year old Igdalia Were. Igdalia has a rare, cancerous brain tumor; when first operated on in Kenya, she lost her eyesight and mobility. Since A&K Global Health took over her care, we have ensured that Igdalia receives radiotherapy – a nonsurgical alternative that’s safer and more effective at her age – at Medanta, the Medicity in Gurgaon, India. Today, Igdalia can see with both eyes and walk with support.

“The family was delighted with our visit. We came just a few weeks before Igdalia traveled back to Medanta for review,” Mr. Owuor said. “Her parents were very grateful for the work A&K Global Health is doing to ensure their daughter regains perfect health.” Igdalia’s treatment is ongoing: she recently began chemotherapy for her tumor, and we continue to be by her family’s side.

Next, we visited Beatrice Mayienga, mother of two adult daughters and a telephone operations employee of Kisumu County Referral Hospital. During two trips to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, India, Beatrice received treatment for a cancerous tumor related to neurofibromatosis.

“She was very happy to see us and she narrated how she enjoyed her stay in India as an A&K Global Health patient,” Mr. Owuor reported. “We were happy that her face was bright and full of smiles. She can now walk with support; before she was in a wheelchair. We were also thrilled that she has resumed her professional duties at the local hospital.”

Beatrice’s healing extends beyond her stable medical reports. “She told us how she made good friends with Kenyan patients in India who were also traveling with A&K Global Health,” Mr. Owuor described. “She was able to intervene with another Kenyan patient who was diagnosed with cancer and had started isolating herself because she had decided she would die. This lady became Beatrice’s best friend…she could not believe the immense improvement Beatrice had in her own condition. Through their relationship, this woman came to believe that she too could be effectively treated and become well.”

Said Joyce Wambugu, A&K Global Health Care Director in Nairobi, “This kind of feedback reminds all of us at A&K Global Health of the tremendous impact our teamwork and dedication have on the lives of our clients and their families.”

Join our community of healthcare successes – contact us today to start the conversation. Whatever your medical needs and wherever your health journey takes you, we at A&K Global Health are with you all the way.

In the photograph above: Our young patient Igdalia Were was excited to see her friend and Care Consultant Jack Owuor again when he visited her family’s home. From left to right are her father, Pastor Eric Were; her sister, Levona; Igdalia herself; and Mr. Owuor.

In the photograph below: Our former patient Beatrice Mayienga, left, had a glowing grin to share with A&K Global Health when some of our staff, including Lencer Misiani, right, paid her a home visit.

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