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A&K Global Health advocacy heats up, helps patients in west Kenya

Aug 10, 2016 / A&K Global Health

A&K Global Health’s western Kenya offices have been busy this summer! Since May, our staff in Kisumu and Eldoret have held a series of health advocacy events, helping you understand your health insurance benefits and access the right medical services and treatment for your unique needs. Here are some of our most recent activities:

On May 19, A&K Global Health Marketing Executive/Care Consultant Lencer Misiani spoke to 40 prison officers at the Kakamega Prison during their afternoon parade. When one of the attendees learned from Lencer’s briefing that his National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) coverage would pay for his child’s kidney failure treatment, Lencer immediately began managing the case – three days later, the child began dialysis, and we are currently helping the family find a suitable donor for kidney transplant. The prison officer in charge asked Lencer to return to address a group of several hundred people on the same urgent topic: how A&K Global Health can connect you with critical, NHIF-funded care, in Kenya or overseas.

On June 8, we presented our services to 70 staff members at Kisumu County Hospital. We were able to immediately begin managing care for several attendees, including two cases of spinal problems and one case of sickle cell anemia requiring bone marrow transplant (BMT). The same day, we had the privilege of sharing our offerings with Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu for the first time. The staff was so eager to hear our message that even nurses changing shifts made a point of stopping by our talk! And the hospital nursing director, recognizing our track record of success managing complex procedures, invited us to visit the renal unit to specifically advise kidney transplant clients.

On June 22, our Eldoret team visited Kitale GK Prison to sensitize 99 attending officers to the NHIF plan that now provides comprehensive local and overseas medical coverage to them and their dependents. “The officers, who were not aware that such privileges existed for them, were thankful,” said Cornelius Rop, A&K Global Health Marketing Officer. Like many of our clients, our new patients from this engagement are pursuing our services for advanced treatments, including cancer care, BMT, and liver transplant.

On July 2, we were invited to address an audience from various parts of western Kenya and the Rift Valley at the Kenya Medical Training College’s Kisumu Campus. This meeting was organized by former students of the institution who are now employed as local healthcare professionals. Our presentation generated a lively question-and-answer session on everything from how we select our hospital partners to how we handle emergency travel for patients without passports and visas.

These are just a few examples of how A&K Global Health is spreading health policy awareness and care access throughout Kenya. If you have questions about medical treatment you need or about your insurance benefits, contact us to learn how we can help.

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health Marketing Executive/Care Consultant Lencer Misiani shares with an attentive audience at Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya about our healthcare management services and how we work with the National Hospital Insurance Fund to ensure all Kenyans receive outstanding care, domestically or abroad. Her presentation to Aga Khan’s staff members on June 8, 2016 marked A&K Global Health’s first visit to the facility.

In the photograph below: Students, faculty, staff and community members at the Kenya Medical Training College’s Kisumu Campus listened with great interest to – and participated with plenty of questions for – A&K Global Health’s presentation on July 2, 2016. We were invited to the campus by former students who now serve this region of Kenya as healthcare professionals.

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