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Agile Global Health-managed surgery saves teen from crippling tumor

Jul 20, 2016 / Agile Global Health

After several months of unusual weakness and neck stiffness, Mary Orero’s 17-year-old son Edward began experiencing progressive difficulty walking and talking. An MRI at the family’s local hospital in Kisumu, Kenya revealed that a tumor in Edward’s neck was compressing his spine. The recommendation was urgent neurosurgery outside the country – a daunting prospect for Edward’s parents.

“We had never been to India, and together with my husband, we were wondering how we would make ends meet, find the hospital,” Mary recalls, “…but Eucabeth gave us confidence.” “Sister” Eucabeth, as Mary now calls her, was the Care Consultant who welcomed the family when they were referred by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to Agile Global Health, the NHIF’s comprehensive international medical care manager.

Eucabeth handled all of Mary’s concerns, from coordinating with the NHIF to ensure that Edward’s treatment costs were fully covered to referring Edward’s case to the neurosurgery department at BGS Global Hospital in Bangalore, India. She arranged all medical appointments, hotel reservations, travel documents, and air and ground transportation for Edward and Mary, who traveled with Edward as his attendant.

The same day Mary and Edward’s plane landed arrived in Bangalore, Agile Global Health’s Operations Officers took them to meet Edward’s neurosurgeon. The following morning Edward successfully underwent surgery. Within three weeks of surgery, Edward had fully regained his mobility and speech.

“When Eddie was in the ICU, the Agile team kept on calling me, keeping me busy, so that I might not be thinking about him,” Mary smiles. “I was always comfortable because I had my family – Agile Global Health. They really did a lot [for] me while I was in India. I [felt like] all my family was there, because they were [always] with me…anything [needed], if medicine, if advice, they would give [it]! Please, my colleagues…go out, Google about Agile, get in touch when you have any medical issue, they’ll direct you.”

“I’ve stayed in India without any stress because of Agile Global [Health],” Mary asserts. “When you get to India, don’t be scared! The people there, the Agile team, [is] very experienced, very caring, very loving, very – very homely. You feel you are at home. May God bless Agile…it is a real thing, and it has helped me. It will help you.”

Meet Mary and Edward and hear their story in this short video:

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