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A&K Global Health addresses national gathering of Kenyan nurses

Jun 22, 2016 / A&K Global Health

Last month, A&K Global Health had the honor of addressing the National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNA-K) during its culminating celebration for International Nurses Week. On May 12th, 2016, our National Director Mr. Stephen Masinde gave remarks to an audience of over 300 nurses and healthcare professionals, assembled from all 47 counties across Kenya at the Mnarani Beach Club in Kilifi County.

Established in 1968, the NNA-K is a professional association representing all cadres of nurses in Kenya drawn from practice settings, educational institutions, and research backgrounds. The association exists to promote excellence in nursing and midwifery – critical health system functions that are readily aligned with A&K Global Health’s dedication to improving the quality, availability, and procedural diversity of healthcare in Kenya, as well as to showcasing outstanding and advancing Kenyan health providers to support the country’s continued development as a regional medical travel destination.

This year’s International Nurses Week events kicked off on May 5th in Kisii County and concluded with this final session in Kilifi County to which A&K Global Health was specially invited. The theme for this year’s week was Nurses as a Force for Change: Improving Health Systems’ Resilience.

Mr. Masinde echoed this focus in his comments, introducing A&K Global Health to the audience and explaining how our expertise in comprehensive healthcare management streamlines healthcare delivery for service providers, optimizes health objectives and financing for government ministries and medical organizations, and enhances healthcare access, affordability, and quality for patients. “In our experience managing care for over 1,600 patients around the world to date, we as A&K Global Health have repeatedly witnessed the crucial role that nurses play not just in our patients’ healing, but also in their overall medical experience,” Mr. Bernard Ademba, an A&K Global Health Operations Officer in Mombasa, noted in an interview following Mr. Masinde’s address. “Nurses truly are the backbone of a resilient health system, and as such it was Mr. Masinde’s great privilege to be invited to this gathering of Kenya’s talented, committed nurses and their associates to acknowledge their achievements.”

In his presentation, Mr. Masinde also shared one specific and current way in which A&K Global Health serves as a resource and partner to Kenyan nurses: through our new contract with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to manage medical travel benefits for its members nationwide. This exciting news was in fact already familiar information to some in the audience, as several of our satisfied clients were among the event’s attendees! These individuals personally attested to A&K Global Health’s life-changing impact on their health and well-being through our superior medical travel services and expert healthcare management. “By creating awareness among the care delivery community that NHIF coverage can help Kenyans access essential services – even outside the country, through A&K Global Health – we are able to empower these professionals with one more avenue for providing the best care to their patients and the best service to their employing institutions,” Mr. Ademba explained.

In the photograph above: A&K Global Health’s Kenya National Director Stephen Masinde addresses members of the National Nurses Association, and other Kenyan healthcare professionals in attendance, at the final session of the organization’s annual International Nurses Week celebration in May.

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