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A&K Global Health spreads NHIF policy awareness among public leaders

Jun 1, 2016 / A&K Global Health

In late April, a number of county and national government departments held their annual conferences at the Mombasa Beach Hotel. Bernard Ademba, an Operations Officer in A&K Global Health’s Mombasa office, was invited to address a series of these meetings of civil and disciplined service leaders regarding their new healthcare coverage for medical travel through the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF).

“We [as A&K Global Health] were invited to share with the (NHIF) members who we are as a company, how we’re working with the NHIF to coordinate patient care both inside and outside Kenya, and how we manage patients throughout their health journey, as well as our patients’ success stories,” said Mr. Ademba, “so that if any need arises for the members or their dependents, they know what their coverage entitles them to and how to access their benefits for medical travel.”

Kenya’s national and county governments collectively employ nearly 200,000 individuals. The disciplined service counts an additional 35,000-plus among its ranks. In March, A&K Global Health signed a contract with the NHIF to facilitate and manage this entire workforce’s medical travel needs. Yet many NHIF beneficiaries remain unaware that their insurance coverage now extends to healthcare provision abroad, granting them – as well as their dependents, travel companions and, when applicable, organ donors – sponsored access to specialized and advanced procedures not yet available domestically.

Of the more than 250 leaders who attended Mr. Ademba’s health awareness and patient advocacy presentations, approximately 105 were politically elected leaders representing citizens as Members of County Assemblies (MCAs), while the rest were senior officials of institutions from both national and county levels of government. Specific audiences included the Taita Taveta and Makueni County Assemblies, the Teachers Service Commission, the Office of Public Prosecution, the National Police Service, and the Ministry of Health.

Across all these government divisions, feedback was common: attendees welcomed A&K Global Health’s patient advocacy and insurance policy awareness efforts, and pledged to pass this information to their colleagues. Organizations whose staff members had already utilized A&K Global Health services through the NHIF to travel abroad for medical treatment acknowledged the expert assistance we provided. And some MCAs expressed their desire for further A&K Global Health support to public health awareness, education and advocacy campaigns, to improve the health of Kenyan citizens as well as to optimize the use of local and regional healthcare systems.

“These continuous health education and care management awareness forums encourage patients to make use of the healthcare benefits available to them, creating value for all participants in the health system,” Mr. Ademba explained. “Patients get care they need but may not have known they could access; Kenyan doctors oversee their patients being healed, and sustain this healing over the long-term; the NHIF meets its mandate to effectively service the healthcare needs of its members; and Kenya’s overall health system benefits from the efficiencies introduced by moving patients who can’t receive care domestically, allowing those who can be treated in Kenya to become the sole focus of our healthcare providers.” Kenya’s health institutions also gain collaborative relationships with foreign medical facilities that further contribute to developing Kenya’s own inbound and intrabound medical travel offerings.

Throughout Kenya as well as the other countries where we operate, A&K Global Health plans further health awareness and care advocacy events akin to April’s presentations in Mombasa. You can follow our worldwide efforts to inform and empower patients and support health institution success right here on the A&K Global Health blog.

In the photograph above: On April 22, 2016, A&K Global Health Mombasa Operations Officer Bernard Ademba took the NHIF’s message directly to the beneficiary, addressing officers from the Kisauni County Administration Police Service and educating them on the new medical travel benefits of their NHIF insurance coverage. “We engaged 30 officers during their weekly parade, sensitizing them to the partnership between NHIF and A&K Global Health and to the medical treatment benefits to which they and their families are entitled. Since most officers were not aware of these benefits, they were happy to learn of the services available to them,” said Mr. Ademba.

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