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Our network of healthcare professionals spans the globe and encompasses all clinical specialties. We carefully select our doctors and hospital partners based on a quality-control process that guarantees excellence, value, and geographical convenience, while always placing the power of choice firmly in your hands. Of course, all of our providers meet our 5-Star Standard of care.

Following are just a few of the hospitals in our network:

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Healthcare Management Services
Let Agile Global Health coordinate for you through our healthcare management services. We'll connect you and your regular doctor with the best local, regional, or international solution for your unique requirements and provide the best value with good financial, medical, and customer service oversight. Request a Quote

“The medical advise that I’ve received from my Operations Officer in Kenya was very helpful. Once I arrived in India my Operations Officer was very courteous and made sure that my transfers were excellent. During other transfers there was a small challenge with drivers not speaking English but we understood each other well. Jasmeet was competent and knowledgeable. Keep it up Jasmeet! At Fortis Hospital I was very satisfied with my doctor. I will recommend Agile Global Health any time.

- Ashford Baruthi

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