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Financial management: the what, why, and how of Agile’s approach

May 31, 2018 / Agile Global Health

This is the second post in a new blog miniseries on Agile Global Health’s philosophy across four of our company’s key performance areas: clinical, financial, logistical, and experiential/customer service management. What does it mean to us to monitor and manage each of these aspects of our clients’ healthcare experience? Why do we do it? How do our actions make a difference?

Today, we address the second of these, the financial. Agile’s financial system is comprised of three different parts: our Treatment Management Center (TMC), Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Finance. This assembled team brings a broad background of educational achievements, including university and advanced degrees and professional certificates, as well as considerable experience in certified private and public accounting, business analytics, and management experience in commercial enterprises, hospitals, and private healthcare clinics. We’ll begin by introducing these elements to understand how they each contribute.

So, what is the guiding philosophy that unites these disparate parts of Agile’s financial mechanism? It’s straightforward: reliable cost estimates, strong controls, and dedicated historical analysis repeatedly refine our financial data cycle. Together, these steps deliver the highest quality care for the greatest number of patients at the most efficient cost, as well as ensure the smooth operating of Agile’s business processes that enable access to and oversight of that care.

This philosophy plays out on two levels. First, there’s the financial management of each individual patient we serve. At this microcosmic level, our financial management helps funding organizations or self-paying individuals plan appropriately for treatment costs. Because our financial management is inherently infused with our clinical management insights, we’re able to assist hospitals and healthcare providers maximize the volume of patients they can treat. When treatment is complete, each individual’s financial data becomes part of a secure historical database that enables Agile to better predict treatment costs and trends over time, allowing us to best serve institutions and governments for which we manage healthcare for large populations. Says Senior Global Accountant Marcus Cleveland, “We track critical milestones in a patient’s care cycle to continuously improve data quality and financial accountability.”

And what about this philosophy at the macrocosmic level of Agile’s overall financial management as an organization? “Very simply put, by our Finance team members doing well on the business side to sustain operations, we enable the responsible funders, the physicians, and healthcare systems with which we work to do good for our patients,” says Guy Zahn, Agile’s Chief Operations Officer. Close monitoring and management of ongoing costs and delays or changes in treatment, and comparing these to historical costs and the original clinical estimate, result in operational efficiencies and cost savings. “In this sense, our financial philosophy is all about managing the broad financial outcomes,” reflects Morgan Darwin, Agile’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s about creating predictability, accountability, and transparency while utilizing financial resources to their maximum potential, especially the limited resources of public institutions or corporate resources of private institutions.”

Agile’s financial management is unique, reflecting our commitment to improving healthcare access and quality while incentivizing the development of economically sustainable health systems. But our financial approach isn’t the only distinctive aspect of our overall management. Stay tuned to this blog to learn about our logistical and experiential management, too!

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