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Cardiac surgery beneficiary now serves as community health worker

Jun 5, 2018 / Agile Global Health

Here on the Agile Global Health blog, it’s our privilege to frequently share testimonials from our patients about the healing our care management brings them and their families. But Agile’s impact doesn’t end with treatment or initial health restoration. It endures for years: in a personal sense, through rediscovered abilities and fresh new potential, as well as on a socioeconomic level, in the form of healthier, more engaged and productive communities and countries.

For a glimpse into the personal and societal effects of our care management over time, we follow up with patients who are one or more years beyond their Agile experience. We ask them “where are you now?” – in family life, in work, in their communities. And they share with us how they’re doing in their present-day lives, describing in their own words what’s possible for them today that would not have been without our care.

Our fourth post in the miniseries Agile’s Living Legacy visits Caroline Mackenzie of Gikambura- Kiambu County, Kenya. Caroline is among the 500+ Kenyans who benefitted from the cardiac program of the National Hospital Insurance Fund; it’s been over a year now since she underwent successful open-heart surgery for rheumatic disorders of both the mitral and aortic valves at Nairobi’s The Karen Hospital.

Caroline’s heart condition began in September 2016 with swelling in her limbs. “I play drums in church during praise and worship, and at some point, I could no longer do it because I felt so tired,” said Caroline. “It got worse with time…eventually I couldn’t cook for my family, or even walk.

“I went to a clinic in Tigoni, where I was referred to St. Mary’s and The Karen Hospital,” Caroline recalled. But due to a lack of personal funds to support her treatment, Carline was directed to the NHIF @50 Cardiac Program, which at this point was well underway. Through the NHIF, Caroline learned about program manager and implementer Agile Global Health; she visited our office seeking help.

“When I got to Agile’s Nairobi office, I was given such a warm welcome – as though they’d just been waiting for me! I met this tiny girl Phylis Njeri…” Caroline smiled as she remembered Agile’s petite but energetic Cardiac Care Consultant and Coordinator. From her meeting with Phylis, Caroline was scheduled for surgery and managed closely by the Agile team throughout her pre- and post-operative phases.

Fifteen months later, Caroline’s back to her upbeat, active self – but she’s not the same person she was before her surgery. Now, Caroline actively gives back to her community’s healthcare resources. Apart from resuming home farming and drumming in her church’s band, she serves as a community health worker and volunteers in a community-based program that reaches out to HIV-positive kids.

Are you ready to pursue a happy ending to your own healthcare challenge? Do you want to give back to the community that’s supported your wellness? Either way, Agile can help. Contact your local office today.

In the photograph above: Agile’s former patient Caroline Mackenzie on the property of the beautiful farmhouse in Gikambura-Kiambu County where she, her husband, and her son happily and healthfully make their home.

In the photograph below: Former patient Caroline Mackenzie (left) and Agile’s Public Relations & Communications Officer Eva Gulavi (right) shared a joyful reunion and visit at Caroline’s farmhouse in Gikambura-Kiambu County, Kenya.

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